Booking Policy

Public vs. Private

A "private" event is one that is only promoted within the host's network.  A "public" event may also be promoted across Mark's network, for example it may be advertised on his website, social media channels, and to his email database.

While we encourage shows to be public so as to allow fans in the area the opportunity to attend, we will generally defer to the host's preference.  Please note that differing Minimum Ticket Sales requirements apply, as detailed below. 

The one exception is if a host has indicated a preference to make a show public but another show in the area is being publicly promoted then we may offer a date under the condition that it be a private event, however Minimum Ticket Sales requirement of a public event will apply.

Regardless of whether an event is public or private the specific details of the location will not be publicly advertised and will only be sent to ticket holders.

Please note: if you are hoping for Mark to perform at a private function such as a wedding, birthday, charity event, or some other celebration, then this isn't the appropriate platform.  Close to Home is an intimate concert series where the performance is the sole focus of the event. It is still possible to book Mark to perform at your function, but please make get in touch with the appropriate Team MW member on the Contact page rather than complete the application form.

Ticket Price

Current ticket prices are detailed below and inclusive of all applicable taxes and transaction fees.  Where the relevant currency isn't shown an approximation will be made by converting the current Australian Dollar (AUD) price at the prevailing exchange rate. 

  • AUD     $ 31.10 
  • CAD     $ 31.40 
  • CHF     23.35 Fr 
  • DKK     153.00 kr 
  • EUR     € 20.05 
  • GBP     £ 17.85 
  • NZD     $ 34.65 
  • USD     $ 24.15


In order for the host to confirm their show date they will be asked to pay a deposit.  The deposit will be the equivalent of 10 tickets at the Ticket Price listed above, payable via the ticketing system.  If the host is successful in reaching the Minimum Ticket Sales, then the deposit will be refunded in full within 14 days of the conclusion of the event.

Minimum Ticket Sales

For a show to proceed a minimum number of tickets must be sold no later than 30 days prior to the event date.  The minimum depends on whether the show is public or private and is currently set at:

  • Public : 30 
  • Private : 40

Should the Minimum Ticket Sales not be met, the situation will be assessed on a case-by-case basis but the show may be cancelled and the deposit retained.  To ensure the show proceeds the host may elect to purchase the necessary tickets to meet the required minimum, and may then sell directly to guests to recover their costs.  If there are any venue costs that have been agreed upon to be deducted from ticket sales, then the required Minimum Ticket Sales will increase proportionally. 


If the host cancels for any reason after their show is confirmed then the deposit will be retained and any tickets sold will be refunded in full.


If the host wishes to reschedule their show after it is confirmed we will do our best to accommodate.  If a new date is agreed upon then the deposit will roll over, otherwise the deposit will be retained.  Any tickets sold will be valid for the new date and the ticket holder also given the option of a full refund.


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