Frequently Asked Questions...

Mark has never been to my country before, should I still apply?  

Please do.  Mark is always looking to visit new countries and your application may be all the extra reason we need to make it happen.  

I’ve hosted a show before, should I apply to host again?  

If you’ve never filled out the application form before then you're probably not in the database, so please do.  If you have filled out the online form before then you’ll be in the database.  Please feel free to check or update any details though by emailing Tim Arney.  

What do I need to host a show?  

It’s pretty simple really.  Your proposed venue will need to fit at least 30-40 people.  As you can imagine the cost of travelling around the world is quite high, so we typically need that many paying guests to make it possible.  

It’s best if everyone feels comfortable, so having an assortment of lounges, chairs, cushions and blankets for people to sit on is great.  It’s also important to set a warm and friendly mood, so having some candles, fairy lights, or nice lamps is always encouraged.  

Mark does use a small battery powered amplifier, so we’ll need to be conscious of the sound level.  If you do have close neighbours then it’s important to check that they won’t be disturbed by the performance, or better yet, invite them along free of charge!  

Does the concert have to be in my home?  

Not at all.  While we typically call it a house concert, previously we’ve staged these shows in churches, community centres, factories, farms, palaces, you name it.  If you have access to a space that can fit at least 30-40 people then perfect.  

I’m expecting the whole town to come, is that ok?  

Sounds great!  Just please let us know.  Mark’s amplifier can only provide sound for about 100 people, so we’d need to look into hiring additional gear if we’re expecting more.  

Should I be concerned about having strangers in my home?  

We’ve staged hundreds and hundreds of shows all over the world, in theatres, clubs, churches, and people’s homes, and never had an incident.  It’s always a friendly and respectful environment, so we don’t expect there’s any cause for concern about opening your home.  

For your peace of mind though, please rest assured that we will take care of anyone behaving inappropriately.  Mark also carries a public liability insurance policy that will provide coverage in the event that anyone is hurt in your home.  Obviously if you do have any safety hazards in your home, for example unsafe steps or exposed electrical wires, then please do your best to fix the issue or post some signs alerting guests to the hazard.  

How much are tickets?  

We like to make these events affordable with ticket prices currently set at the following prices (or in the roughly equivalent local currency):  

£15.00: British Pound Sterling 
€20.00: Euro 
$20.00: U.S. Dollars 
$25.00: Australian Dollars  
$25.00: Canadian Dollars 
$25.00: New Zealand Dollars 

The host family will of course be welcome at no cost.  Ticket sales will run directly through Mark’s website, so guests can book in advance and reserve their spot at the concert.  There will also be a small surcharge for payment processing when booking the tickets online.  

Can we charge extra to cover my costs or to donate to charity?  

The idea of the shows are that there are minimal costs to the hosts, if any, and in most circumstances we prefer to keep the price fixed to guests.  If the costs are reasonable and necessary though please feel free to discuss them with us prior to the show being announced and we may consider covering them from the ticket sales.  The same holds true for charitable donations or we may explore alternatives for fundraising on the night.  

Will my address be made public?  

Your full address will never be posted publicly online.  Any public advertising will only provide the suburb or town, state, country, and post code of your home.  Your full address will only be sent directly to guests who have booked a ticket.  

Can I specify the date or day of the week of the concert?  

Mark’s schedule doesn’t usually allow for too much flexibility, but we’ll certainly do our best to accommodate when we can.  Regardless, you’ll be given an opportunity to consider any date that is offered before having to commit to hosting a show.  

Alternatively, if it is important that the show fall on a particular date then you may consider booking Mark for a private performance.  Please see below for further information.  

I’d like Mark to perform at my birthday, wedding, Christmas party, etc?  

Wonderful (and congratulations?), however that isn’t quite the idea behind the house concert hosting.  If you would like to discuss such an event then please see below for further information about booking Mark for a private performance.  

I’d like to book Mark for a performance, but would rather it isn’t open to the public?  

It’s important to us that the concerts are open to anyone interested in Mark’s music, but if you would prefer to book Mark for a private performance whether it be a house concert or for a special event then please email Tim Arney with the particulars of what you have in mind.   He'll then be able to discuss the event with you or connect you with the appropriate person. 

How will the night run?  

We’re flexible about the way the night runs and happy to discuss that with the host, but generally we’d aim for something like:  

5:00 PM:  We'll arrive to help set up 
7:00 PM:  Guests welcome to arrive 
8:00 PM: Performance commences 
9:15 PM: Performance concludes 
10:00 PM: Guests depart  

This usually allows plenty of time for everyone to mingle before and after the show, but not get home too late, particularly if it’s a school or work night.  We’d also encourage guests to bring a share plate of food for everyone to enjoy.  

What else will I need to do?  

The only other thing will be to help promote the show.  As we mentioned, the cost of touring can be quite expensive, so for the shows to go ahead it’s critical that we get a certain amount of interest.  If you can help spread the word to your family, friends, colleagues, and neighbours, then it’ll help to ensure the show goes ahead.  If there isn’t enough support for the show then we may need to cancel.  In that circumstance we’ll provide at least 2 weeks notice and a full refund to everyone who has booked.  

Will you give me any additional information about hosting?  

Don’t worry, all hosts will be sent an email with detailed information on hosting a house concert.  You’ll also be sent a printable PDF and digital image file of the poster to help spread the word, along with a link for guests to book tickets online.  

What if I have to cancel the event?  

Emergencies do happen, we understand that.  If something important comes up and the show can no longer go ahead then we’ll offer a full refund to all ticket holders.  Obviously there could be added costs involved to both Mark and guests such as any travel and accommodation that have been booked, as well as transaction processing fees, so we hope hosts would only cancel in critical circumstances.  

You haven’t answered my question?  

Please email it to Tim Arney and he’ll get back to you as soon as possible. 

I’d like to host a show, what do I do now?  

If you’d like to register your interest in hosting a show then just fill out the application form :)

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